Recent Tesla Model 3 Full Front End PPF and C.Quartz Professional Installs

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Recently at Auto Envy we have had a few Model 3s in for our most popular protection package. What we have noticed with Tesla’s is that the front end of the vehicle has a huge potential to get destroyed by rock chips because of how low the front end is to the ground. Now with the front end of the vehicle being protected from rock chips, almost all of our Model 3 owners choose to protect the rest of the vehicle with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are fantastic for making your vehicle extremely easy to maintain and offer great protection for your investment.

Below are a few photos of the Model 3s we’ve had in the shop recently. I’ll make sure to include which services each vehicle opted for.

This 2018 Model 3 Performance received a full Xpel Ultimate Plus front end, C.Quartz Professional, and we also ceramic coated his wheels for him.



Now with this White Model 3 Performance, the customer decided to go with Xpel’s Prime XR Plus ceramic window film, Ultimate Plus front end PPF, and C.Quartz Professional.


Most recent of the 3 (no pun intended) was this red Model 3 that received the same package as the the last customer. Again that package included Xpel’s Prime XR Plus ceramic window film, Ultimate Plus front end (with rockers), and C.Quartz Professional.


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