Prime XR Plus Ceramic Window Tint

 In Vehicle

Lets talk tint.

When deciding on window film you always seem to be asked if you want “standard” or “ceramic”. So lets dive in to what that actually means. Standard window film, or dyed window film, is mainly to provide shade and privacy for the vehicle. Make sure to ask your tinter is the film is color stable. Standard Film is notorious for turning purple over time, leaving you with an unattractive look to your window film. Standard window film is generally cheaper to install. For our standard film we offer Xpel’s Prime CS Black. This is a color stable film that offers a lifetime warranty.

Ceramic window film offers the best protection for the passengers in the vehicle. True ceramic window film offers heat rejection and is color stable. With IR and UV rejection comes a safer cabin for your passengers. This film also helps with temperature management inside the vehicle, keeping you significantly cooler. We offer two different types of ceramic films, both are Xpel’s industry leading XR films. These films are 3x thicker than the competitor, offer unrivaled heat rejection, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Now lastly there is another term that you’ve probably heard about which would be “carbon film”. So carbon film is a color stable film that has some heat rejection but doesn’t offer anything close to the amount of protection you get from a ceramic film. Unfortunately because it does have some heat rejection and is significantly cheaper to install, some shops pass this off as a ceramic film. That being said, be sure to do your research and educate yourself before investing in window tint.



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